Molasses Distillery Spent Wash Treatment

Molasses Distillery Spent Wash Treatment

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We are among the organizations that hold expertise in manufacturing, supplying and providing service for premium quality Molasses Based Distillery.India is the second largest producer of sugar and fourth largest producer of alcohol in the world.The major raw material for Distilleries is the Molasses, a waste byproduct of sugar mills.


Distilleries fermenting sugar cane molasses generate 6 -15 liters of waste water per liter of ethanol produced.


XERODROP is a method which is simple but very effective for treatment of many turbid water and waste waters. The technology is older than 100 years and is well documented internationally. However Aeolus has spent more than four years with untiring rigorous efforts implementing & restructuring the technology to treat highly recalcitrant effluents like distillery spent wash.


XERODROP – is a product with almost zero or negligible supervision to effectively treat highly recalcitrant effluents. Product has given amazing results with challenging waste waters of distillery spent wash (combined TOD values up to 2,20,000 ppm), tannery and paper mill effluents. 


The Distillery spent wash (DSW) is characterized by being:

1) Highly acidic

2) Very High BOD and COD

3) High recalcitrant organics with dark colour and severe pungent smell.

4) High concentration of recalcitrant COD persists even after both anaerobic and aerobic treatments.

5) Melanoidins and polyphenolic complexes formed during fermentation is not easily decomposed by any conventional       treatment