Home Water Softener & Conditioner

Home Water Softener & Conditioner

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Xeroscale D For Domestic applications, hostels, hotels, & apartments
No new scaling and also removes existing scales from pipes and fittings
Scale prevention for bathroom fittings, shower panels, pipes, utensils, tiles, washing machines
Good foam formation, reduced soap & shampoo consumption, shining hairs and soft skin
Soft laundry, no colour change for dark cloth


Product Highlights:

  • No Salt, No Maintenance, No Zanzat
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Very low power consumption (just 30 volts)
  • Treats hardness up to 1600 ppm
  • Essential Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals of water are retained
  • Flexibility in adjusting as per seasonal variation of hardness in water
  • Universal system no restriction of flow Standard system suits most requirements
  • Reliable, affordable, health and environment safe
  • German Technology Proudly made in India!
  • Xeroscale India's first Intelligent Water Softener

Aeolus is now introducing the next generation of this new and highly effective SCALE PROTECTION SYSTEM, the Xeroscale Technology.  Xeroscale is not just a water softener it is also the Water Conditioner! Xeroscale is unique, effective, reliable, affordable and health & environment beneficiary for your all domestic, commercial and industrial water softening requirements.

Xeroscale is truly intelligent water softener; its GREEN dosing liquids sequesters the calcium and magnesium carbonate (temporary hardness) of the water into mechanically stable and heat resistant calcite crystals (nanometer size) which no longer cause lime deposits. Xeroscale is the innovative solution that prevents all of the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, while allowing the positive health benefits to remain.  The calcium and magnesium crystals are rinsed away.