Electro Chlorinator

Electro Chlorinator

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Leveraging on our vast industrial knows how, we have positioned ourselves as a genuine manufacturer and trader of a wide ambit of Aeolus Hospital Disinfectant Generation System.

AEOLUS CHLOR- Sodium Hypochlorite generation unit offers:

  • Powerful biocide and disinfecting agent
  • Safe, Efficient, Consistent and Economical disinfection
  • Use no chemicals other than common salt
  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain
  • Plug and Play operations
  • Operations can be fully automatic as per requirements
  •  Wide range of proven applications

Sodium Hypochlorite of low concentration meets most of the requirements of an ideal disinfectant. The required concentration will depend on the amount of organic material present on the surface to be cleaned and disinfected. Different concentrations of chlorine needs to be used to disinfect counter tops, floors, tonometer heads, needles, syringes, laundry, dental appliances, hydrotherapy tanks, water distribution instruments in hemodialysis instruments, and regulated Hospital waste prior to disposal.

It is recommended that the sodium hypochlorite solution be made fresh every day. AEOLUS Electro chlorinator is the perfect solution for this.