Domestic Water Softener

Domestic Water Softener

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Product Highlights:

  • No Salt, No Maintenance, No Zanzat
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Very low power consumption (just 30 volts)
  • Treats hardness up to 1600 ppm
  • Essential Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals of water are retained
  • Flexibility in adjusting as per seasonal variation of hardness in water
  • Universal system no restriction of flow Standard system suits most requirements
  • Reliable, affordable, health and environment safe
  • German Technology Proudly made in India!
  • Xeroscale B For Boiler & hot water industrial applications, water jets
  • Improves boiler efficiency
  • Reduces blow down frequency by 20-30%
  • Saves Energy thereby Saves Money
  • Old & existing scale is removed in the form of paste via blow down
  • No need to use RO & Salt
  • Xeroscale C For Commercial applications, cooling towers, construction & laundry
  • No white patches of lime on new construction when using Xeroscale treated water
  • No scale and no fouling in cooling towers
  • Useful and highly effective for drip irrigation, sprinklers, water jet looms,
  • Reduces maintenance cost of equipments and improves efficiency
  • Xeroscale D For Domestic applications, hostels, hotels, & apartments
  • No new scaling and also removes existing scales from pipes and fittings
  • Scale prevention for bathroom fittings, shower panels, pipes, utensils, tiles, washing machines
  • Good foam formation, reduced soap & shampoo consumption, shining hairs and soft skin
  • Soft laundry, no colour change for dark cloths